LOGIQ C5 Premium Details

LOGIQ C5 Premium

LOGIQ C5 Premium

The LOGIQ C5 Premium features many of the same technological innovations found on GE's premium ultrasound systems, including harmonics, Speckle Reduction lmaging, B-Steer and LOGIQ view.

As the leading system in our line of value ultrasound systems, LOGIQ C5 Premium delivers robust capabilities from our portfolio, such as 4D, Tissue Doppler lmaging and Auto IMT. Our 4D imaging and transducers are from our leading ultrasound technologies for women's healthcare. These imaging advancements combine in a single system to help you in prenatal and vascular imaging, along with heart function evaluation. The system also features a Training Model, which provides reference planes and text guidance to help novice users better understand ultrasound standard planes.


The LOGIQ C5 Premium color ultrasound system with 4D imaging is well suited for clinics and hospitals covering general imaging, OB/GYN, and cardiovascular applications to help enhance the quality of your patient care.

A streamlined design, small size, superb ergonomics and user-friendly operation make this system easy to be transported and use in the care area where it's needed. Versatile TruScan architecture gives you access to raw image data that makes virtual rescan possible.

TruScan* - Provides exceptional ultrasound performance and enables virtual rescans. This provides access to raw image data for future comment, measurement, and optimization even after your patient has left the exam room.
Auto Optimization - Enhances quality of images—including TGC,B-Mode, and Doppler—at the touch of a button.
LOGIQview - Provides panoramic imaging of anatomy that would otherwise be too large to display on a single image.
Anatomic M-Mode - Adjustable M cursor positioning allows angle corrections for accurate measurements of frozen and live images. Captures an entire apex to base cardiology data set using raw digital clips. Create, align, and measure M-Modes in multiple planes, adjusting for anatomical variations in organ alignment.
Auto Trace - Automatically traces the Doppler spectrum to determine the max flow velocity in every systolic cycle.
Harmonics - Both Tissue Harmonics and Phased Inversion Harmonics provide higher spatial resolution and deeper penetration to assist in the visualization of smaller objects.
CrossXBeam* - Enhance border definition to help improve tissue differentiation and enhance contrast resolution.